Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snowpacolypse 2010 (Middle GA Edition)

As I sit and type this it is a sunny 70 degrees outside. Last Friday night, enough snow and ice fell in middle GA to make the world stop. Hard to believe, but that's life in the South.

Anyway, last Friday night was the annual Daddy/Daughter Dance at our local Rec Department. Baby Girl was all dressed up and waiting for Sarge and Sugarpop to get to Madison from NW Georgia where Sarge works and Sugarpop lives. He left at 4 p.m. to make a drive that normally takes two hours. Baby Girl was sittin' on G, waitin' on O.

Isn't she just gorgeous? New dress, hair in rollers for almost and hour and even had on mascara and lipgloss. If she wasn't ready for that dance, I don't know who was!

But as it inched closer to 6 p.m., the time for the dance to start, Sarge was no where close to home. The snow and ice had slowed the interstate to a complete crawl, because y'all KNOW we can't drive in a few flakes of snow down here. He called and said, I'll be lucky to make it there by 7:00, but if you'll iron my clothes, we'll get there and do this thing! Then it started getting darker and colder and the roads started to ice up. Needless to say, even trying his hardest, Sarge didn't make it home in time to take our two girls to the dance. Baby Girl cried, and I cried a bit too at her heartbreak, but Sarge promised he was going to take all three of his girls out for a fancy dinner on Saturday night to make up for missing the dance. Everyone was expected to wear pretty dresses and the corsages that had been bought for the girls for the dance. After that, Baby Girl perked up a bit and looked forward to morning when she could play in our close to 4" of snow.

The girls were up and at 'em early the next morning, making snow angels and getting soaking wet and freezing.

There's Baby Girl on the left and Sugarpop on the right. They tried making a snowman and this snow just wasn't wet and sticky enough to work, so they decided to make a "wall" out of snow. I called it the wall to defend our home Ft. Franks. Trust me in this small Mayberry of a town, that wall is about all the defense we need!

But, anyway, the girls got to play, we had hot chocolate and a fire in the firepit out back and roasted marshmallows. Fun was had by all of the Franks and we got to go to that fancy dinner Saturday night, too. Only, there are no pictures of that, because I am "Mom of the Year" and forgot my camera.
Hope all of you got to have fun out there in it, too!

P.S. Black Dachsies named Oliver HATE, HATE, HATE the snow.

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