Monday, February 22, 2010

JWism #1

I moved this over from Momsbuzz, where my blog used to be, because a)It's funny as hell and b) I needed something light to follow-up that Debbie Downer post of mine earlier tonight. Enjoy:

JWism #1
First, let me tell you who JW was. He was "Daddy" to my hubs, The Sarge. JW was a Master Sargeant in the Army, served in WWII and Korea, and retired to mule farming in rural Alabama. JW passed away before I ever met The Sarge, and I feel like I missed out on lots of fun. Periodically, I'll be adding JWisms to my blog, mostly because I'm stuck about what to write, and these are true southern gems! (If you get offended by these sayings, I'll apologize now. JW was no saint, and neither am I!)

JWism #1:
"That boy's happier than a sissy in a dick tree."
Interpretation: That boy is really, REALLY happy.
(Don't say I didn't warn you!)

Happy Monday,

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